R. W. Harrison harrison at calvin.jci.tju.edu
Thu Jul 21 14:56:11 EST 1994

The people at brookhaven have gone to quite a bit of work to make
it usable.  If you ftp with anonymous to pdb.pdb.bnl.gov there is a
lot of information on how to use it.  

To start with get the latest newsletter from /newsletter.  There are something
like 2000 entries, so DON'T mget them. These are also enough that 
most unix machines won't let you search them all.  (i.e. 
grep -i "protein g" *.ent will return "too many files" ).  However there
are a whole mess of extracted data files (*.idx) with compound and author in the
/index area, and these are well worth grabbing.  These files are readily

IMO you do want to be careful with some of the older entries. crystallographic
refinement (and more importantly data collection) has really improved in the 
last few years and some of the older files have less than ideal quality.
The assignments of secondary structure are also sometimes rather suspect.

					hope this is useful
					robert w. harrison
					harrison at asterix.jci.tju.edu

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