N15/min media review

Chris Larsen clarsen at bimcore.emory.edu
Mon Jul 18 14:54:55 EST 1994

Just a review of the answers I got to my query:
 How do you get protein expression in minimal media for N15 NMR experiments?

1. "Fool with" the concentrations and sources of carbon in the media.
2. Inoculate from rich media to a density of 1% the starting culture.
3. Protein expression goes down from three to ten fold vs. rich media.
4. The strain of bacteria is of primary importance to the growth rate.
5. No leaky promoters are allowed in minimal media.
6. Ammonium sulfate is allowed as the N source. 
7. Train the bugs to grow on minimal plates first, as colonies.

I'll try these!


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