Protein Concentration Estimation

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Mon Jul 18 13:19:52 EST 1994

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> Hia,
> I'm trying to estimate the concentration of a protein sample that is 
> contaminated with nucleotide (it binds RNA, and the nucleic acid is near 
> impossible to get rid of without getting rid of your sample).
> Any ideas out there??? Tried Biorad, but I need accuracy better than 5%, and 
> obviously Absorbance is a bit tricky with nucleic acid present.
> Help much appreciated! 
> Dave Scott.
> Dept Of Genetics,
> University of Leeds.
> U.K.
> Email: gends%south-01.novell.leeds.ac.uk at gps.leeds.ac.uk

Hope this will help:

Stevens, L. (1992) Buffers and the determination of proetin concentrations.
 from "Enzyme Assays", R. Eisenthal and M. J. Danson, eds.  IRL Press,
Oxford University Press.

It contains quite a few methods in it.  A nice review.  
Ing-Nang Wang
ingnang at sbbiovm.sunysb.edu
Dept. Ecology and Evolution
SUNY-Stony Brook

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