Protein Concentration Estimation

SCOTT D. gends at leeds.ac.uk
Mon Jul 18 08:37:00 EST 1994

I need an accurate method of measuring protein concentration. My sample is an 
RNA binding protein, and for various reasons very difficult to get rids of the 
nucleotide without also getting rid of your sample. The prescence of the 
nucleotide is not inhibitory on the studies I'm carrying out, but it is 
providing just a few problems in estimating how much sample is there. 
Absorbance provides anomalous answers, and Biorad (Bradford) assays are out as 
the answer needs to be accurate to within 5%. Amino Acid analysis tells us 
accurately how much protein is there, but I'd love a way of doing this in less 
than two days!
So is there any ideas out there? Has anyone come across similar problems, 
pointers in the right direction and information on dead ends not to pursue 
would be very much appreciated!
Cheers in advance,

Dave Scott.
Dept of Genetics.
University of Leeds.
Email: gends%south-01.novell.leeds.ac.uk at gps.leeds.ac.uk

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