Protein sequencing by mass spectrometry?

pathology at mscf.med.upenn.edu pathology at mscf.med.upenn.edu
Fri Jul 15 16:33:10 EST 1994

Is there a laboratory (commercial or otherwise) that will provide protein
sequence analysis services using mass spectrometry?  We have a protein in
exceedingly small quantity (less than 3 picomoles) that probably is blocked at
the N terminal.  We need the sequence of a small segment in order to proceed
with screening of  cDNA libraries.  I am hoping that mass spectrometry will
overcome both the N-terminal block and the small amount of protein that we have
purified.  Thanks for any information.

Gregg Wells
Departments of Pathology and Neuroscience
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA  19104-4283
email:  pathology at a1.mscf.upenn.edu

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