Why only L amino acids?(Why not?)

Marek Tchorzewski marek at PCLSP2.KUICR.KYOTO-U.AC.JP
Thu Jul 14 00:31:45 EST 1994

Rafael Iosef Najmanovich Szeinfeld!!wrote:

>        I would like to say tha Jim Miller's message is stupid and this
>gives us a image of what he is. Now to Jim : if you don't have anything
>serious to say be quiet.

Well, well so offensive,

	I enjoyed the statement of Jim Miller, of course it was a little bit
far from pure science, but any way, it is one  of a many points of view.
I do not want to argue about  a image of people, so let's remain on
the scientific level. 

Marek Tchorzewski
Kyoto Univ.

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