Predicting coiled-coils from protein sequences

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In article <1994Jul12.191429.7341 at rockyd.rockefeller.edu>, malhota at rockyj.rockefeller.edu (Arun Malhotra) writes:
|> I am looking for software to predict Coiled-Coils given a protein sequence(s).
|> Is this available as an option in any pubic-domain or commercial package?
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If you have GCG installed at your site you may be interested to
hear that Peter Rice, formely from the EMBL Computer Group and
now (soon) at the Sanger Centre in Hinxton Park, Cambridge, UK;
has written a program for the detection of coiled-coils. Here is
the blurb from running this program:


     PEPCOIL identifies potential coiled-coil regions of protein sequences
     using  the  algorithm  of  Lupas A,  van Dyke M &  Stock J;   Science
     252:1162-4 (1991).

The program is part of the EGCG package which has been developed by
a group of GCG enthusiasts from Europe as well as from the US. 

EGCG is available from the EMBL file server:

ftp.embl-heidelberg.de:/pub/software/vax/egcg for the VMS environment.

The package is also available from your normal GCG distribution in
the directory or backup saveset 'unsupported', albeit not all programs
are there. If you install these programs installing any of the new
programs should not be a problem.

There are version for different flavour of UNIX available from
within the EMBnet. If you are running GCG under IRIX (Silicon Graphics)
I would be willing to make a complete tar.Z file available to
anyone who desires it UPON REQUEST. Note that the current version
of EGCG I have requires that GCG 7.3.1 is installed.

If you would like to see some more information regarding EGCG and
have access to a WWW client, point is at the following URL:


I hope this helps.


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