QUESTIONS: alpha-helix "signals" in proteins

Rafael N Szeinfeld szeinfel at FOX.CCE.USP.BR
Tue Jul 12 08:51:27 EST 1994

	I'd like to say that there are two diferent problems behind the
protein folding problem.  
	First how proteins solve the Levinthal paradox that is, how a
protein folds so fast with so many configurations to be tested in order to
find out the energy minimun (this minimun being or not path dependent). 
This seems to be sequence independent since all proteins folds fast (in 
comparison to the time it would take to search the whole configurational 
	Second how the sequence determines the final structure.

	I would like you to comment this idea and discuss on your 
oppinion how linked this two problems are.

	Sincerly yours,
				Rafael I. Najmanovich Szeinfeld

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