QUESTIONS: alpha "helix" signals... now on a broader subject.

RATEL CAROLE-LYNE m252301 at er.uqam.ca
Tue Jul 12 01:12:58 EST 1994

        If a protein oscillates between different minimum energy states, 
then the picture we can have from it through X-Ray Crystalolography or NMR 
is only a probabilistic well; It would be a quantum behavior. Now, there 
could be infinite possibilities for folding, not only depending 
on the environment wich surrounds the protein but also the ponctual 
vibration of the system, at a given nanosecond...
        Thus, the actual folding process could lead to various 
configurations, and the presence of chemicals and/or the orientation of the 
protein synthesis (From NH3 or from COOH) at the beginning determines 
somehow the final oscillation system that constitutes a protein. It is a 
network of possibilities, where the energy present determines the 
broadness of configurations' spectrum (lot of E, lot of structures 
        In a biochemical environnement (pH 7, 37deg and so on...) , the 
interractions are not mediated by heat, or other "physical" process. 
 There is a Lorenz process for the protein folding 
behaviourism  that in my view is influencing the overall configuration. 
It could thus be shown that, by changing the translation of RNA -> 
PROTEIN environment, the configuration of the protein would change, 
using a new network of minimum energy states (a whole new oscillation 
        I don't know if this makes sense at all. In fact, I'd like to be 
sure it does not... before I get excited on scientifics' ignorance 
concerning protein folding laws.

                                                    Guy Tremblay

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