Phe/Phe interactions in proteins

Stephane Vuilleumier svuilleu at micro.biol.ethz.ch
Mon Jul 11 07:57:14 EST 1994

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DAVID at chempath.uct.ac.za (Dave Myburgh) writes:
>Hi all
>I am interested in finding out more about pi-bonding between the rings of
>phenylalanines.  (stuff deleted) My interest is in Phe residues interacting
>with each other in adjacent helices in transmembrane proteins (mainly G-
>protein coupled receptors).
>If anyone knows of a reference, I would really appreciate it.

try Singh & Thornton, Atlas of Protein Side Chain Interactions, IRL Press,
Oxford, 1991.
The same authors also have at least one specific paper on the subject of Phe/Phe 
interactions although I fainbtly recall seeing a more recent update: the 
paper is FEBS Lett. 191, 1-6 (1985). 

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