Vy high % PA gel drying

Eric V. Wong evw2 at po.CWRU.Edu
Sat Jul 9 19:32:36 EST 1994

Arrgh. Frustration is quickly setting in. This worked *once* and
has not ever since.

Here is the situation. I am using a modified Tris-tricine gel 
system to resolve small proteolytic peptide fragments, and I get
excellent resolution using a 15-30% gradient. The problem is,
I can't seem to dry the darned thing without it shattering all
to heck. I usually fix in 50% MeOH/ 10% acetic acid, and have
tried adding 10% glycerol to the fix, but that doesn't seem to
do it. I have no idea what I did *right* that first time: I 
have fiddled with different gel dryers, different temps, etc.

Anyone who routinely and successfully <grin> dries very high
percentage gels, please email or post some pointers.

Thanks very much.

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