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In article <1994Jul8.001725.7664 at pslu1.psl.wisc.edu>, mcmahan at psl.wisc.edu writes:
>     I'm thinking about having some peptides made for my research and I was wondering
>if I could get some feedback from this group about the companies out there.
>If you have ordered peptides, could you please send the following information:
>1) Company name
>2) Number of residues
>3) Any special side chains, terminus caps etc
>4) General impression of service, quality, and speed.
>5) Would you order from this company again.
>I would greatly appreciate any replies I get.  Please send them to
>mcmahan at oncology.wisc.edu
>Also, if people are interested, I am willing to post a summary of the replies.
>Thank you in advance for your time and help.
>                                             Scott McMahan

Hi Scott;

Try this company:

3550 General Atomics Court
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 1-800-338-4965
Fax: (619) 455-3713 or 1-800-654-5592

This company (formerly known as Multiple Peptide Systems)
had synthsized two 16- amino acid long peptides from sequence information of two
plant proteins that I had provided. They also generated anti-peptide antibodies
reactive to the original proteins. I am very happy with their service.
Currently, they are synthesizing another 17 amino acid long peptide for me.
I would highly recommend this company. Write them about your particular
problem giving my name as a reference (I might get a discount on my next

I belive there are other several companies providing the service. I am looking
forward to hearing from your summary on the reply.



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