BamHI Coordinates

Floeckner Hannes floeckn at wst.edvz.sbg.ac.at
Thu Jul 7 06:28:07 EST 1994


In Structure 15 May 1994, 2:439-452 :"Structure of restriction endonuclease
BamHI phased at 1.95A resolution by MAD analyses", M. Newman et al., there's
written that the coordinates of BamHi can be obtained by e-mail from
"Aggarwal at cuhhca.hhmi.columbia.edu". In the meantime I tried more than three
times to contact A.K. Aggarwal via e-mail in order to obtain the coordinates
but I never received any answer. Maybe there's something wrong with
the mailing. 

Is there any other possibility to obtain the coordinates. I know that they
will be deposited in the Brokkhaven Protein Structure Database, but I
would need the data as soon as possible.


	Hannes Floeckner    floeckn at wst.edvz.sbg.ac.at

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