QUESTIONS: alpha-helix "signals" in proteins

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Neville Percy wrote:
>Loadsa people write:

>[...] Loadsa stuff -- an excellent thread! -- [...]

I agree this is a great thread. Keep it up!

>>BUT: Mark J. Dresser wrote:

>>QUESTIONS:  What role do/could tertiary interactions play in stabilizing
>>the alpha-helix?

[stuff deleted]

Not sure if what follows counts as an example of tertiary interaction, but I 
was at a meeting recently where there was some discussion on alpha-helix 
stabilisation, where it was put forward that in flavoproteins there is 
stabilisation of the C-term region of one of the helices in the flavin binding 
site by interaction with the phosphate group of the cofactor. I don't have any 
details on this but maybe some of you molecular modellers out there could have
a look.

Just my tuppence worth...
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