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Shahram Mori smori at nmsu.edu
Sat Jul 2 00:27:06 EST 1994

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[ Posted on 2 Jul 1994 05:09:39 GMT ]

Dear netters,
I am posting here to let the beloved researchers know that we are trying
to start an Immunology discussion group in Bionet.Immunology. Please
e-mail Matt Buchanan about the topic that you are interested in. He has
posted regarding this in bionet.immunology and his e-mail address can be
reached there, or else post your title there. This will be a great
opportunity to get interactions on this fascinating field. Hope to see
your post there.
Shahram Mori
Program in Molecular Biology 
Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry Box 3C
NMSU Las Cruces NM

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