4th Annual JICST/NTIS Conference

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                        July 14-15, 1994

   Learn the Latest Methods in Locating and Acquiring Japanese
              Scientific and Technical Information

     The conference is the fourth in a highly successful series to
be organized jointly by the U.S. Department of Commerce National
Technical Information Service (NTIS) and the Japan Information
Center of Science and Technology (JICST). It is designed to provide
practical assistance for those who need access to Japanese
scientific and technical information (JSTI).

     The conference will address the basic questions of what STI is
available from Japan and how American users can gain access. The
conference will draw heavily on the experiences of U.S. companies,
academic institutions and Government agencies. In addition, the
major suppliers of JSTI will be on hand in an exhibit hall to
discuss and demonstrate their products and services.


                     Thursday, July 14, 1994

7:30-8:30 am        Registration/Coffee

8:30-9:00 am        Welcome
                    * Dr. Donald Johnson, Director, NTIS
                    * Mr. Tateo Armimoto, Director, S&T
                           Information Division, Science and
                           Technology Agency, Japan         

9:00-9:45 am        Keynote Addresses
                    * Mr. Sumio Horiuchi, Vice-President, JICST
                    * Dr. Mary Good, Under Secretary for Technology
                      U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington DC

9:45-10:00 am       Refreshment Break

10:00-11:30 am      Panel: How Small and Medium-Sized Companies
                    Acquire and use Japanese Science and Technology
                    Information (JSTI)  

                    (Case studies on how companies have
                    successfully met their JSTI needs. Why they
                    perceive access to JSTI as desirable. Pitfalls
                    to be avoided. The most effective approaches.
                    How the acquired material is used in the

                    Dr. Russell Jamison, Vice President for
                    R&D, Smith & Nephew Richards Inc.


                    Michael W. Chinworth, TASC/Rosslyn,
                    Arlington, Virginia 
                         Topic: Technology Assessment: Challenges
                         to Small and Medium-Sized Companies.

                    Lee Howell, Research Assistant and
                    External Affairs Officer for Japan, Center
                    for Strategic and International Studies,
                    Washington, DC. 

                         Topic: Understanding Japan's Science and
                         Technology Administration and Policy

                    Stephen Blakely, President, Blakely and
                    Associates, Alton, Illinois 

                         Topic: The Relevance of Japanese
                         Scientific and Technical Information to
                         Technology-Based Business Studies.

11:30-12:00         Demonstration: First public demonstration of
                    MIT CD/ROM-based interactive Japanese
                    language/culture system  

                    *Professor Shigeru Miagawa, Director, Japanese
                     Language and Culture Program, MIT

12:00-1:30 pm       Luncheon and demonstrations in the exhibit area

1:30-3:00 pm        Panel: Commercial Packaging and Dissemination
                    of JSTI

                    (Providing access to JSTI on a commercial
                    basis. What is available in the marketplace?
                    How has the market responded?)

                    David Andrews, Chief Executive Officer,
                    InterLingua, Los Angeles, California


                    Hilary Handwerger, National Center for
                    Manufacturing Sciences, Ann Arbor, Michigan

                    Hal Morimoto, Executive Director, Comline
                    Business Data Inc., New York City

                    Madeline Dovale, SEMATECH Corporation, Austin,

                    Hitoshi Inoue, National Academic Center for
                    Science Information System, Tokyo

                         Topic: NACSIS International: 1994 Update

                    Ryo Sasaki, National Diet Library, Tokyo

                         Topic: Acquisition of JSTI in the National
                         Diet Library

3:00-3:15 pm        Refreshment Break

3:15-4:30 pm        Panel: Acquiring and Understanding Japanese
                    Patent Information

                    (How to identify and obtain Japanese patent
                    information. How Japanese patent practice
                    differs from American practice. Obtaining
                    permission to translate and reprint copyrighted
                    Japanese materials.)

                    Mindy L. Kotler, President, Japan Information
                    Access Project


                    Gary Hamilton, Esq., Gambrell, Wilson &
                    Hamilton, Austin, Texas

                         Topic: Comparing the Japanese and U.S.
                         Patents Systems.

                    Steven W. Johnston, Patent Translator,
                    Seabrook, Texas     

                         Topic: Using Japanese Online Patent

                    Jeffrey Foreman, Esq. Patent Attorney, IBM
                    Corporation, Arlington, Virginia

                         Topic: Using and Finding Japanese Patent

4:45-5:15 pm        Demonstration: New MIT Japanese database
                    gateway system

                    * Carol Fleishauer, Associate Director for
                     Collection Services, MIT Library System

5:15-5:30 pm        Refreshment Break

5:30-7:00 pm        Panel: Using Databases to Obtain JSTI (Part 1)

                    (What databases are available and what are
                    their characteristics? Actual user experiences.
                    How can the databases better meet the needs of
                    American users? What does the future hold?)

                    Maureen H. Donovan, Japanese Studies Librarian,
                    The Ohio State University


                    Glenn Hoetker, NASA Scientific and Technical
                    Information Program and RMS, Inc., Washington,

                    Yukio Sueyoshi, Nihon Keizai Shimbun America,

                    Mari Ikeda, Japan Center for Information and
                    Cultural Affairs 
                         Topic: Japan Information Center Network.
                    Koji Tamura, JICST, Tokyo 

                         Topic: JICST's Company Information File.

                      Friday, July 15, 1994

8:00-8:30 am        Coffee

8:30-9:00 am        Special Address

                    Dr. Daniel Wang, Chevron Professor and Director
                    of the Biotechnology Process Engineering
                    Center, MIT

                         Topic: Access to Japanese Biotechnology.

9:00-10:30 am       Panel: Using Databases to Obtain JSTI (Part 2)

                    (What databases are available and what are
                    their characteristics? Actual user experiences.
                    How can the databases better meet the needs of
                    American users? What does the future hold?)

                    Maureen H. Donovan, Japanese Studies Librarian,
                    The Ohio State University


                    Alan Engel, International Science and
                    Technology Associates, Inc.

                    Keisuke Okuzumi, Japan Database Promotion
                    Center, Tokyo 

                         Topic: Summary of Japan's Data Service.

                    Akira Ohashi, Electronic Devices Information
                    Service Co., Ltd.

                         Topic: ELNET and ELISNET.

                    Shereen Hubbard, Foreign Broadcast Information
                    Service, Washington, DC

10:30-10:45 am      Refreshment break

10:45-12:15 pm      Panel: Tools for Understanding and Handling

                    (Translation services. Machine-aided
                    translation. Computer processing of Japanese
                    language text. Dissemination and exchange
                    through network services.)

                    Carl Kay, President, Japanese Language
                    Services, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts


                    Carl W. Hoffman, President, Basis Technology
                    Corporation, Boston, Massachusetts

                         Topic: Reading Japanese Text Online.

                    Glenn Akers, Ph.D, President, Language
                    Engineering Corporation, Belmont, Massachusetts

                         Topic: Machine Translation.

                    Burton Lee, X-Guide Program Manager, U.S.-Japan
                    Technology Center, Stanford University,
                    Stanford, California. 

                         Topic: Using the Internet to Access JSTI.

                    Carl Kay (affiliation above)

                         Topic: Translating Japanese STI.

                    Yoshiko Shirakizawa, JICST

                         Topic: Current Status and Future of the
                         JICST Machine Aided Translations System.

12:15-1:45 pm       Luncheon and demonstrations in the exhibit area

1:45-2:15 pm        Special Address: Michiyuki Uyenohara, Special
                    Consultant, NEC Corporation 

                         Topic: Science and Technology Strategies
                         of Japanese Corporations.

2:15-3:45 pm        Panel: Advances in Teaching and Learning
                    Technical Japanese

                    (University programs, including internship
                    programs; target audience; new teaching methods
                    and aids, including those involving
                    computer/network technologies)


                    Dr. Michio Tsutsui, Director, Technical
                    Japanese Program, College of Engineering,
                    University of Washington, Seattle, Washington


                    Richard Dasher, Associate Director, U.S.-Japan
                    Technology Management Center, Stanford
                    University, Stanford, California 

                         Topic: Technical Japanese Language and
                         Cross-Cultural Training at Stanford

                    Dr. James L. Davis, Assistant Professor
                    (Technical Japanese), Department of Engineering
                    Professional Development, University of
                    Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin

                         Topic: Computer-Assisted Distance
                         Education and Technical Japanese
                         Instruction at the University of

                         (Prof. Davis will speak by telephone from
                         Tokyo. He will be assisted by Mr. Wayne
                         Utke of the University of Wisconsin.)

                    Dr. David Mills, Associate Professor,
                    Department of East Asian Languages and
                    Literatures, University of Pittsburgh,
                    Pennsylvania and Director, Technical Japanese
                    Language Project, Massachusetts Institute of
                    Technology, Boston

                         Topic: How to Make an Engineer Functional
                         in Japanese: Innovations at MIT.

                    Dr. Michio Tsutsui (affiliation above)

                         Topic: Two Programs for Engineers and
                         Scientists at the University of

3:45-4:00 pm        Closing Remarks

                    *Sumio Horiuchi, JICST Vice President

4:00 pm             Adjournment


Registration Fee: $295 (Cancellation is subject to $50 fee).

You can register for the NTIS/JICST Conference by contacting
Barbara Payne at (703) 487-4819. (National Technical Information
Service, 5285 Port Royal Road (306 F) Springfield, VA 22161). Quote
Order Number: CONF94-1.

                       HOTEL RESERVATIONS

               The conference will be held at the:

               Copley Plaza Hotel
               138 James Avenue
               Boston, MA 02116
               Reservations: (617) 267-5300

A special conference rate of $129/night (single or double) is being
offered. You must mention the NTIS/JICST Conference to receive this
special rate. For hotel reservations, contact the hotel directly.
Rooms held open until June 13.


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