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>>Hi everyone!!!!!
>>Does anyone know if it is possible to perfom a chromatofocusing from low pH to
>>high pH. My protein has a really high pI, so I think that I need to go from low
>> to high, but I am not sure since all the techiques that I had reviewed until n
>>ow are dealing with pH gradients starting from high pH's. Thanks for your help.
>>                                                Martin.

Try looking in the "Chromatofocusing" booklet from Pharmacia. This is
an old booklet and I don't know if they still publish it. This booklet
talks about a lot of the basics so you should be able to start with
the general stuff and modify them to suit your needs. There is also a
little bit of information in "Protein Purification" by Scopes (in both
2nd and 3rd edition but the 3rd edition is better).

Hope this info helps
alkaiser at eden.rutgers.edu

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