summary - protein concentration

Suzy Schneider suzy at welchlink.welch.jhu.edu
Fri Apr 1 05:22:21 EST 1994

Here is the summary I promised and MANY THANKS to all who responded.  I
think that you have solved my problems.

Tony Sanchez (tsanchez at eye1.eye.ufl.edu) suggests:
	Use of collodian bag with an accelerator -- cumbersome but gives good

Laura K. Moen (LKM100F at oduvm.cc.odu.edu) suggests:
	Dialysis against Ficoll or PEG (some may get into sample) If this is
unacceptable dialyze against Sephadex
	Use of pressurized cells like Amicon units
	Use of centricons -- performance is variable
	Bind sample to small volume of strong ion-exchanger and elute with small

	Note:  success fo concentration depends on protein, buffer & final volume
and concentration one desires

John Kuszewski (johnk at spasm.niddk.nih.gov) suggests:
	Use of micro-concentration/dialysis machine from Spectrum.  It dialyzes up
to 200 mL against 5L buffer while concentrating to O.5 mL -- "works like a
charm" but filters are not resistant to GdnHCl.

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