National Biomedical ESR Center Address?

John Boswell knight at grafton.dartmouth.edu
Thu Sep 23 15:56:11 EST 1993

	Could someone please tell me the email or ftp address of the
National Biomedical ESR Center in Milwaukee?  I'd like to use a few of their
EPR programs, but I can't find an address (gopher wasn't much help).  I
could send some USnail, but I was hoping for an email address.
	Along the same lines, the address for the Illinois Electron Spin
Resonance Center would be very helpful as well :)

thanks a bunch,
-John Boswell
Dr. John Boswell	 			knight at grafton.dartmouth.edu 	
Dept. of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Oregon Graduate Institute, Portland, OR		503-690-1086

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