Free hydrazide groups

wti wti%rxvlab.dnet at com.smithkline
Wed Sep 22 02:18:40 EST 1993

Dear protein members,

We perform protein-polysaccharide coupling, where hydrazide groups from
ADH on the PS react with COOH groups on the protein in presence of EDC.
The problem lies in the determination of residual free hydrazides after
coupling, and, if any, the capping or removal of these groups, and all
this in presence of the free amine groups of the protein, who interfere
in the assays and capping reactions.
Any usefull suggestions or references are mostly wellcome.
You can also contact me for further information.
You can mail me through the proteins list, or direct at my address.

from: Wim Tiest at Smithkline Beecham Rixensart Belgium
      internet:  WTI%RXVLAB.dnet at smithkline.com

I Thank you very much!!

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