Phi/Psi/Chi1 Angles from PDB Files

Dr. Mrigank mrigank at imtech.ernet.in
Sun Sep 19 00:44:31 EST 1993

In article <1993Aug31.202618.16045 at emba.uvm.edu>, mannlab at med.uvm.edu (Lab of Dr. Ken Mann) writes:
>  I am looking for software (Irix/VAX/MSDOS) which will find
>  Phi/Psi/Chi angles using PDB files.
>  I really dread the thought of using a program (Alchemy/HyperChem/
>  InsightII) which would require me to make these measurements
>  "by hand" -- that is, interactively.
>  Code which automatically delivers the desired angles to standard
>  output would be great!

If you want a C code, there is a public domain program fisi by 
Rick MacDonald
Univ. of Virginia
rbm8p at virginia.edu

If you want  a Fortran code, I developed one PrtAng. If you need can contact

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