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>I am working with SOYBEANS and analyzing the induction of PR PROTEINS upon infection with C. sojina using SDS-PAGE and Western blot analysis.  I am trying to    find anyone out there who might have any experience in this area.  Any input    is welcome .
>						Thanks
>					Anthony Johnson
>					(Auburn, AL)
Because of the limitation of one-dimensional SDS-PAGE, it will be difficult to
follow up the changes in protein profile of the host following pathogen
infection. What reagents (specific antibodies?) are you planning to probe the
Western blot. In western white pine blister rust pathosystem, we are analysing the
protein profiles by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The
resolved proteins (usually 1200 proteins per sample) are quantified by laser based scanner. The statistical
analysis of the data are handled with the help of a software named "PDQUEST". In the process
we have developed several methodologies e.g. extraction of proteins and their
determination. There is another potential problem of the ability to distingiush
proteins of host and pathogen origin. To overcome this, we have now generated a
series of monoclonal antibodies to the pathogen. These monoclonal antibodies
will be used to detect proteins of fungal origin.
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