The Ponder & Richards packing prediction program

Ponder Jay ponder at bcserv.WUSTL.EDU
Wed Sep 15 16:11:19 EST 1993

  The program in question was originally called PROPAK (many other
  folks have since played with it and some have renamed it....).
  A Fortran (!) version of the original that runs on most Unix
  workstations is available via anonymous ftp from the machine
  dasher.wustl.edu ( in /pub/propak. A short user's
  manual and example output are included.

                                 Jay Ponder
                                 Biochemistry & Mol. Biophysics
                                 Washington Univ. Med. School
                                 St. Louis, MO  63110

                                 ponder at comet.wustl.edu

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