HELP: beta-strand (sheet) prediction!!

Nicholas Beeson beeson at husc10.harvard.edu
Fri Sep 10 14:36:27 EST 1993

You want to get a copy of the procedings from the "First International
Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology."  This was a
refereed conference and the papers were published in the proceedings.
I attended that conference and there were a DOZEN papers on secondary
structure prediction programs.  Some of them are amazingly effective.

	PROCEDINGS: First International Conference on Intelligent Sys-
                    tems for Molecular Biology
	  Editors: Lawerence Hunter, David Searls, & Jude Shavlik
	Publisher: AAAI Press, Menlo Park, California  (1993)
             ISBN: 0-929280-47-4

Nick Beeson
nick at heimdall.med.harvard.edu

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