computer models of troponin C and Calmodulin

Dan Jacobson danj at dev.gdb.org
Wed Sep 8 16:58:46 EST 1993

In article <2657dg$ha0 at corax.udac.uu.se> gerard at rigel.bmc.uu.se (Gerard Kleijwegt) writes:
>Joe, I got your e-mail but can't mail you:
>Comment:  Bad address -- <jel at as.tsa.brown.edu>
>Comment:        Nameserver error: Unknown host
>  the information comes from an ascii file containing the most
>  important header records of all current PDB files; all i did
>  was vi, search & cut&paste into my posting.
>  there are two of these files, together ~1.5 MB
>  if you're interested, i put compressed copies on our ftp
>  server: daisy.bmc.uu.se (; login as user
>  ftp, password your e-mail address, cd pub/various,
>  binary, mget header*

Perhaps a slightly easier solution for people with a network connection
is to search (the headers) and retrieve the entire entries via gopher.

If anyone has never heard of gopher write me a note and I'll send you some
information to help get you started.

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

danj at mail.gdb.org

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