transfer proteins from a stained gel

Erik Michael Rasmussen emrasmus at dk.aau.biobase
Fri Oct 1 03:59:37 EST 1993

> Help!!  Does anyone know how to transfer protein from 
> a gel to nitrocellulose after it has  been stained with 
> Coomassie blue?  We need to perform a Western
> analysis but do not have any more of the sample.  
> Thanks
> David Mueller
> Chicago Medical School
My guess is that if it is still wet, my suggetion is to equilibrate the gel in
transferbuffer and and run the blotting. If the transfer is succesful you will
see it right away because the comassie will remain on the proteins.
It's just to try. I haven't tried myself, but I will be very interested in if
it is possible, because I could fear that the proteins is too fixed in the


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