protease inducers?

Jonathan.Walton 21337MGR at MSU.EDU
Wed May 26 21:01:00 EST 1993

Dear Protease Experts:  We are purifying an extracellular serine protease from
a filamentous fungus.  It is induced by collagen better than any other protein
we have tried, but the collagen appears to be interfering with subsequent
purification.  Has anyone developed gratuitous inducers for such enzymes along
the lines of IPTG for beta-galactosidase?  Preferably low MW and easily
separated from the protease.
I am not a bulletin board subscriber so please post responses directly to me.
Thank you in advance for your advice.

Jonathan Walton, DOE Plant Research Lab, Michigan State Univ., E. Lansing USA
e-mail 21337mgr at ibm.cl.msu.edu

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