C-terminal Analysis Protocol

ez027854 at othello.ucdavis.edu ez027854 at othello.ucdavis.edu
Fri May 14 14:24:22 EST 1993

	I have recently cloned a c-terminally processed protein and am in
the process of analysing both the precursor molecule and the processed
product.  I am wondering if anyone out there could assist me by sending
me a protocol for c-terminal analysis of a peptide.  My searches have
lead me to relatively "old" protocols from the early 80s and I am wondering
if there has been any recent advances in this area that I may have overlooked.
The reason I ask is because the results obtained from the use of the protocol
I have (exopeptidase, time point cleavage) gives rather dirty results that
are nearly unusable beyond two amino acids.
	Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.
				Michael Oda
				(ez027854 at hamlet.ucdavis.edu)

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