Ben Davis bjd12 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Tue May 11 04:07:04 EST 1993

 Does anyone know if a Lys in close proximity to a Trp can cause
 quenching ?
 I've got a lysine lying along the indole ring of the 
 trp (the only one in the protein), with the NH3+ close to the 
 indole NH. When I unfold the protein, I see a large increase in
 fluoresence as well as a redshift; the redshift I can understand,
 the increase in fluoresence is the opposite to normal. There's no
 other aromatics within 10A, and the trp is not solvent exposed.The lys
 is part of a salt bridge with a glu and an asp.
 Any suggestions ? 

 Ben Davis
 MRC Unit for Protein Function and Design
 Cambridge, UK

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