PK crystal structure: need updated info

arlin at ac.dal.ca arlin at ac.dal.ca
Mon May 10 13:23:26 EST 1993

I'm looking for current data for the structure of cat muscle
pyruvate kinase.  A structure was published in 1979, and 
appears in the Protein Data Bank (pdb1pyk).  However, this structure
lacks a large segment that couldn't be resolved.  In 1986, a
paper with the amino acid sequence appeared from the same
laboratory (of Hilary Muirhead, Univ. of Bristol), and 
included a secondary structure map for all 530 residues of
the protein, including the 100 residues that weren't in the
original crystal structure.  Obviously, the structure has
been resolved further by using the sequence, but the data
bank entry has not been updated.  

Does anyone know where I can get this structure?  Any useful
info (e.g., another database, Muirhead's phone number or E-mail)
would be greatly appreciated.  I need the alpha-carbon coordinates
in order to finish a series of tests of the hypothesis that 
exons encode discrete structural elements of protein (so far, 
they don't).  

A. Stoltzfus
Dept Biochemistry

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