TCA precipitations

DAVID SCOTT DSCT at db1.cc.rochester.edu
Wed Nov 18 16:53:22 EST 1992

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>   OFFICE MEMO          TCA precipitations                     Date:11/17/92
> wondering.... does TCA precipitate things in a way similar to ammonium sulfate?
>  who knows the real story?  further, what would are the characteristics of a
> protein that is soluable in low percentage solutions of TCA?  highly charged?
> h-bonding characteristics? stability/solvent acccesiblity? so many questions. 
> thanks for any responses

	TCA and ammonium sulfate do not precipitate in the same way.  TCA
irreversibly denatures proteins whereas amm. sulf. does not. Amm. sulf.
ppt.ated proteins can be readily redissolved in physiological buffers.  Can't
help with the rest. Sorry

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