Protein Data Bank on FTP

Wed Nov 4 16:31:02 EST 1992

            Protein Data Bank Announcement 

Protein Data Bank via FTP 

Beginning immediately, all full-release and pre-release coordinate 
entries will be available from Brookhaven National Laboratory via
anonymous ftp and the PDB e-mail server.  As we expect a dramatic 
rise in the number of users downloading entries, we request that
users limit the number of files transferred during a given FTP session.
Those requiring a substantial number of entries should continue to
order the PDB on tape or CD ROM.  

File Server and Anonymous FTP

At Brookhaven, the PDB has an e-mail file server available for your
use. This server provides PDB general information and documentation
files. For more information, send an e-mail message to
fileserv at pb1.pdb.bnl.gov and include the following text:

	send info your_e-mail_address.

The PDB also has an anonymous FTP account available on the 
system pdb.pdb.bnl.gov with Internet address It is 
possible to transfer files to and from this system using "anony-
mous" as the FTP user name and your real user name as the pass-
word. PDB general information and documentation files, as well 
as pre-release atomic coordinate entries, are available for down-
loading. You also can upload any files that you may wish to send 
to the PDB. Those using VMS may need to place quotes around 
file names. 

Anyone experiencing problems or having questions related to the 
above network service should send an e-mail message to             
skora at bnl.gov.

Accessing PDB via Gopher

The PDB anonymous FTP directories can now be accessed via the gopher 
service.  Those running the Gopher client can access the PDB FTP 
site by including the following link:

  Name= Protein Data Bank ftp Site

For more information or help in accessing PDB via Gopher, send an e-mail
message to oeder at bnl.gov/

To Contact the PDB

Please include your telephone number, facsimile number, mailing 
address, and e-mail address in all correspondence.

	Mail:	Protein Data Bank
		Chemistry Department, Building 555 
		Brookhaven National Laboratory
		Upton, NY 11973 USA

	Phone:	+1 516-282-3629
	Fax:	+1 516-282-5751

	e-mail:	pdb at bnlchm.bitnet
             or pdb at chm.chm.bnl.gov

enrique e. abola                 |   BITNET:    abola1 at bnl
Protein Data Bank                |   INTERNET:  abola1 at bnl.gov 
Department of Chemistry          |   (516)-282-4383 
Brookhaven National Laboratory   | 
Upton NY 11973                   |

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