Naked photosynthetic reaction centers

S. A. Modena samodena at csemail.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Tue Mar 3 15:17:02 EST 1992

In article <1992Mar3.030012.28848 at ux1.cso.uiuc.edu> zig at uiuc.edu writes:
>	I'm working with a plant that appears to have naked reactions
>centers.  This is when the reaction center is present, but very few or
>no antenna molecules are present to funnel electrons to the reaction
>centers.  This possibility was brought up by a professor, but I don't
>have any of the past literature on naked reaction centers.  Could
>anyone give me a reference on naked reaction cenetrs?  Thanks,
>Bryan Siegfried
>Plant Biology at UIUC
>zig at uiuc.edu

Bryan-- No references to suggest...but a plant with naked reaction centers
would have a "unique" and quite narrow action spectrum.  The "capture
antennae" are there specifically to cause a broadly tuned action spectrum.


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