Need biomolecular tilt-series projection datasets, 3D density functions

Zahid Ahmed ahmed at cs.umu.se
Thu Mar 26 14:26:16 EST 1992

I am interested in knowing where I can obtain some biomolecular 
projection-based (scanned) images as well as biomolecular electron density 
functions. I am teaching two short courses in biomolecular visualization; 
one related to 3D reconstruction of biomolecular systems by Iterative 
reconstructive techniques and the Maximum Entropy based algorithm; second 
one is related to  the volume rendering and display of biomolecular 3D
density data. The two datasets need not be for the same biomolecular 
system although if the obtained (reconstructed) density function pertains to 
the tilt series i.e., projection data it would be useful to compare that
density function with the one that we generate as part of the reconstruction
procedure we implement. 

Any ideas where I could ftp such datasets, or any other sources that would
like to share their datasets; the work here is basically instructive, and so
we really don't care if the biomolecular system's structure is already
known or unsolved, or if the density function has been successfully 
rendered. Being a supercomputing facility we hope to implement the 3D 
reconstruction on a multiprocessing shared memory environment. Any 
information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also the datasets could be of some protein molecule from either x-ray
crystallographic system or from an electron-micrographic scanning
system. Again any help will be appreciated. We welcome some type of
collaborations as well.


Zahid Ahmed
Visiting Scientist
Visualization Group
Supercomputing North
Computer Science Dept.
Umea University

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