Descending paper chromatography Query

Joan Shields joan at med.unc.edu
Mon Mar 23 11:18:18 EST 1992

Ok, all of you real bright imaginative people 

I am going to be doing quite a bit of paper chromatography, actually, to
be more specific, descending paper chromatography.  Now, for this same
assay (well, basically the same) there are 2 different solvents
reccomended.  I was wondering if anyone could perhaps direct me to a book
or  books (manuals, etc) that could help me understand this kind of
chromatography better than I do now?  A book or manual that is
well-written and that makes sense would be great.  


Joan Shields

BTW, no, I am not a student so I'm not getting graded for this and no this
is not my way of getting someone else to do the dirty work for me.  I'm a
lab tech with a real job :).

*I have also posted this to bionet.info-theory (not crossposted) - anybody
have any suggestions as to where this query should also be posted?

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