BLAST Server "non-redundant" database

Keith Robison robison1 at husc10.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 10 15:00:52 EST 1992

Just something I've been curious about:

	I use NCBI's BLAST network server with the "nr" non-redundant
sequence database.  It's a wonderful service, but in the output
I sometimes see what appear to be redundant entries.  What scheme
is used to cluster duplicates between the component databases, and
how sensitive is it?

	On a different note, it seems that the EST database may only
be searched at the DNA level.  When will searching against possible
EST translation products be available?  Also, does the EST database
cover only human ESTs, or C.elegans ESTs also?

Keith Robison
Harvard University
Program in Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

robison at ribo.harvard.edu 

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