Protein Data Bank Files?

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at karazm.math.uh.edu
Thu Jul 30 13:56:52 EST 1992

I'm working on an application where molecular interactions are
mathematically modeled and the atomic orientations are captured as PDB
files and output at various stages in the interactions.  These files are
then to be rendered to bitmaps and output to video tape using a Video

We have a simplistic renderer for the PDB files, but I'm curious as to
whether or not there exists a renderer (a ray tracer or the like) that can
read PDB files, or if there exist conversion programs to get these files
into something that a renderer can read.  Source code that is compilable on
or portable to Unix (SGI) systems would be preferable.

We have the same problem with MSF files from Polygen's Quanta.

Thanks for any information,
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