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In article <Jan. at genbank.bio.net>, kristoff at genbank.bio.net (David Kristofferson) writes:
> Protein crystallization
> Is there any interest of establishing some kind of "network" for people working
> in the field. Since experience is so important here in particulary, it would be
> very useful to have something like a "bulletinboard" for rapid excchange of
> experience, recipes and advice. If interested, answer using the bionet or mail
> me directly In%"gregers at kemi.aau.dk"
> Gregers
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> You are welcome to use the PROTEIN-ANALYSIS newsgroup for this
> purpose, or, if there is someone who wants to serve as a discussion
> leader, we can put this proposal out to a vote to create a new
> newsgroup.
> 				Sincerely,
> 				Dave Kristofferson
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> 				kristoff at genbank.bio.net

Since my first mail on this place, I have received many positive reactions on
my suggestion for a bulletin board. Thanks.
I have now asked Dave Krissoffersen to work on it, which I now know several 
others before me have done.

Anyway, we might just as well start the discussion right away on this place.
I would like to start by making a proposal about a crystallization database.
As you might now, there already exists a database compiled by Gilliand, see
Methods, A companion to Meth. Enzymology 1(1), which have been updated in
Marseille by Roussel and coworkers, J. Crystal Growth 106, 405-409. As far
as I heard from one of the authors of the last paper, Juan Fontecilla-Camps,
in december this is not being updated. I think it is necessary to have acces
to a updated version of a database in order to catch the new trends and
experiences in the field, which I feel is developing very rapidly right now.

Updating such a database would be a natural task for one of the institutions,
which are already involved in databases for molecular biology. A publication
describing crystallization of macromolecules should be accompanied by
registration in the database, otherwise the paper should not be published.
The required informations could very well be the same as the information
compiled by Gilliand. This would not cause much effort for authors, but make 
things a lot easier for people, who want's to learn from previous

In hope of many fruitful discussions and well-diffracting xtals.

In%"gregers at kemi.aau.dk"

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