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Tue Jan 21 01:13:52 EST 1992

In article <1992Jan20.171545.6809 at ms.uky.edu>, zaphod at ms.uky.edu (David E. Fields) writes:
> Does anyone out there know of a program (DOS, Unix) which uses the 
> PROSITE database to compare the sequences described in PROSITE with
> other protein sequences?

MOTIFS in the GCG package does it. Available from GCG for VMS IRIX ULTRIX

> MS-DOS programs for molbio research?

Send a HELP line to netserv at embl-heidelberg.de if you want to retrieve 
it by mail. ftp to nic.funet.fi , directory /pub/sci/molbio/msdos for 
the same stuff on a ftp server. These programs are collected and mad 
available by Rainer Fuchs, EMBL and also propagated by Rob Harper, CSC. 
nic.funet.fi is mirrored and mirrors itself the menudo.uh.edu archive.

Michael Gribskov's list of servers and molbio ftp sites is available 
from bioftp.unibas.ch as file Molecular_Biology_Archives in the top 
level directory. 


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