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Thu Jan 30 11:08:00 EST 1992

This is in response to Gregers messages regarding a protein crystallization 
network.  It's a great idea!  And I'm definitely interested in any further
communications regarding this.  WRT the Gilliland database, Gary has recently updated it through 1989 (I believe).  This update will be available through NIST 
in a couple of months---it's being debugged now.  People who already have copies of this database should be notified about the update.  For people who have the Micromedics crystallization robot, this might come out to them.......the final
details have to be approved by the legal depts of all involved.  So nothing is
certain yet.  

I have a question regarding methodology---we have recently heard rumors that a 
group in Uppsala, Sweden has a crystallization screen that has been very
successful.  Does anyon know anything about this?  Is the Jaru Jancarik screen 

that recently appeared in J. Appl. Cryst. the one that is being used there----
or is it an entirely different screen?   Would appreciate any information on 

Thanks very much!

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