Multiple alignment of protein sequences

Jean Starkey umbjs at cs.montana.edu
Wed Feb 5 15:23:09 EST 1992

	I would like to know the programs that will
allow me align primary sequences of polypeptides of
about 400 amino acids long, to see if there any 
significant homology.  I have used FASTA and BESTFIT
and other programs on the GCG package available on
the front end of the Pittsburg super computer. 

	Unfortunately, these programs allow one to
align only two sequences at a time.  I have seen 
many papers in which more than half a dozen of 
sequences aligned.  If any one on the net has any
information about such programs please let me know
at the following E-mail address.  I need a program 
that aligns at least five to six different protein
	Thank you very much in advance.

Rajani Bommakanti

E-mail   bommakan at hydrogen.oscs.montana.edu


	 uchajbk at mtsunix1

phone #  406-587-8906 (home-message)
	 406-994-3926 (lab)

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