Anyone used any of these kinetics analysis packages?

Peter Bell pmb2 at quads.uchicago.edu
Sun Feb 23 17:22:53 EST 1992

Hello, I am thinking about investing in some software for the Mac to analyze 
binding kinetics of a radiolabeled toxin to its receptor at equilibrium, etc.

I have just come across the "biosoft news" and it mentions several programs.  
all are expensive, so I thought I would see if anyone out ther has much ex-
perience with them, or can reccommend others:

"Kinetic, EBDA, Ligand and Lowry"  This is a Mac (or PS/2) implementation of 
the routines described in J. Pharm. Methods 14:213 (1985), and the routines 
themselves are available free as far as I know, so I am paying 300 for someone
to port them onto a Mac for me?  Is there a cheaper or ftp-able implementation
of this out there anywhere?  

"Assayzap"  Universal assay calculator for RIA, ELISA, IRMA, etc...
upper limit of 2000 points total;  looks like the heart here may be the J
Pharm Methods routines as well.  However, also looks somewhat more flexible, 
and will take automated input from a variety of instruments.  Not cheap--400.

"UltraFit"  Flexible weighting, flexible equation editing, at the cheap end of 
the spectrum at 300.  

The other big option would be to buy softpc, partition the harddrive and devote
10 or 15 M to the PC ware that is available for all this.  How well does softPC
work with scientific applications?  Any experience?

Ok, I need to run now, but if there is interest I will post a summary once I 
have a few replies.  

Thanks very much,

Peter Bell

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