bulletin board for protein xtal.

jnb at bio.aau.dk jnb at bio.aau.dk
Mon Feb 24 13:49:06 EST 1992

Bulletin board on bionet for protein crystallization or protein
crystallography ?

Since my first mail on bionet suggesting a bulletin board for protein
crystallization, I have received many positive answers. 

They group into two. One kind of answerers want a pure xtallisation 
board, while others want a board for protein crystallography in 

If we want to make a seperate newsgroup, we must have a discussion leader.
Please suggest someone if interested.

If the board is going to be for Protein Crystallography generally, Morten 
Kjeldgaard from my lab has suggested himself. Morten is mainly doing refinement
and molecular graphics, and he is a very open minded and intersted  person. 

Please make suggestions for a discussion leader using bionet, or mail me at

In%"gregers at kemi.aau.dk"


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