Anyone used any of these kinetics analysis packages?

Chris_Upton at darwin.biochem.ualberta.ca Chris_Upton at darwin.biochem.ualberta.ca
Mon Feb 24 18:36:26 EST 1992

In article <1992Feb23.222253.29380 at midway.uchicago.edu> pmb2 at quads.uchicago.edu
(Peter Bell) writes:
>Hello, I am thinking about investing in some software for the Mac to analyze 
>binding kinetics of a radiolabeled toxin to its receptor at equilibrium, etc.
>I have just come across the "biosoft news" and it mentions several programs.  
>all are expensive, so I thought I would see if anyone out ther has much ex-
>perience with them, or can reccommend others:
>"Kinetic, EBDA, Ligand and Lowry"  This is a Mac (or PS/2) implementation of 
>the routines described in J. Pharm. Methods 14:213 (1985), and the routines 
>themselves are available free as far as I know, so I am paying 300 for someone
>to port them onto a Mac for me?  Is there a cheaper or ftp-able implementation
>of this out there anywhere?  
>"Assayzap"  Universal assay calculator for RIA, ELISA, IRMA, etc...
>upper limit of 2000 points total;  looks like the heart here may be the J
>Pharm Methods routines as well.  However, also looks somewhat more flexible, 
>and will take automated input from a variety of instruments.  Not cheap--400.
>"UltraFit"  Flexible weighting, flexible equation editing, at the cheap end of

>the spectrum at 300.  
>The other big option would be to buy softpc, partition the harddrive and
>10 or 15 M to the PC ware that is available for all this.  How well does
>work with scientific applications?  Any experience?
>Ok, I need to run now, but if there is interest I will post a summary once I 
>have a few replies.  
>Thanks very much,
>Peter Bell
 I don't know too much about these programs but you might look at
Macligand and Endocytosis for the Mac.
They're on the EMBL fileserver and probably at ftp.bio.indiana.edu

Chris_Upton at darwin.biochem.ualberta.ca

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