Compact course on Computational Biochemistry

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Mon Feb 24 06:05:52 EST 1992

               Compact course on Computational Biochemistry

                Proff. Gaston H. Gonnet, Steven A. Benner

               March 19./20. 1992 at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

This course will give the mathematical and algorithmic principles used in
computational biochemistry and illustrate them with hands-on experience
using the Darwin system over various databases.

* Sequence alignment 
  - Independent mutations model, mutation matrices, PAM distance and
    Dayhoff matrices
  - Dynamic programming algorithms and simplified variations
  - Estimating PAM distances or amount of evolution
  - Homology and 3-D structure
  - Insertions/deletions modelling
  - Aligning DNA sequences
  - All-against-all matching

* Pattern recognition ins sequences
  - Maximum repetitions
  - K-gram repetition
  - Prosite-style patterns and pattern searching
  - One-against-all matching

* Phylogenetic trees
  - Reconstruction of the topology of phylogenetic trees
  - Evolutionary phylogenetic trees
  - Probabilistic ancestral sequences
  - Multiple alignments

* Overview of available databases and tools
  - Databases
  - Introduction to the Darwin system

Course language: English
Application and Information:
  Departement Informatik, Fortbildungskurse
  ETH-Zentrum, CH-8092 Zurich
  Phone +41 1 254 72 06, Fax +41 1 262 39 73
Cost: SFr. 800.- per participant.
Domain: curtiss at umiacs.umd.edu		     Phillip Curtiss
  UUCP:	uunet!mimsy!curtiss		UMIACS - Univ. of Maryland
 Phone:	+1-301-405-6710			  College Park, Md 20742

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