Enzyme Commission Classifications On-Line?

Wed Dec 30 18:31:16 EST 1992

Here is a description of Amos Bairoch's ENZYME database from the
ENZYME User's Manual.

   Amos Bairoch
   Medical Biochemistry Department
   Centre Medical Universitaire
   1211 Geneva 4

   Telephone: (+41 22) 361 84 92
   Electronic mail address: BAIROCH at CMU.UNIGE.CH
                         or BAIROCH at CGECMU51.BITNET

   1.1) Definition of the scope of the data bank

   The 'ENZYME'  data bank  contains the  following data  for each  type of
   characterized enzyme for which an EC number has been provided:

   -  EC number.
   -  Recommended name.
   -  Alternative names (if any).
   -  Catalytic activity.
   -  Cofactors (if any).
   -  Pointers to  the SWISS-PROT  entrie(s) that  correspond to the enzyme
      (if any).
   -  Pointers to disease(s) associated with a deficiency of the enzyme (if

   We believe  that the  ENZYME data bank will be useful to anybody working
   with enzymes  and will allow programs to be developed that can help with
   the creation of new metabolic pathways.

   1.2) Sources of the data

   The main  source for  the data  in  the  ENZYME  data  bank  comes  from
   recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union
   of Biochemistry  (NC-IUB) [1,2,3,4].  A minor part of the data  has been
   extracted from the literature.

   [1]  Enzyme Nomenclature, NC-IUB, Academic Press, New-York, (1984).
   [2]  Supplement 1: corrections and additions.
        Eur. J. Biochem. 157:1-26(1986).
   [3]  Supplement 2: corrections and additions.
        Eur. J. Biochem. 179:489-533(1989).
   [4]  Supplement 3: corrections and additions.
      Eur. J. Biochem. 187:263-281(1990).

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