Signal predictions/scanning

Mark Dalton mwd at cray.com
Tue Dec 22 14:48:03 EST 1992

There are a few programs:
        -RegSearch - Searches for regulatory sites.
        -SigSeq - Searches for DNA signal motifs.
        -SignalScan - searches for signal motifs.
        -GM - searches for ORF's, regulation sites, and binding sites.

1. Signal Scan

Analysis of DNA sequences for known eukaryotic signals  LANL.GOV
  SignalScan - searches for signal sequences(Transcription factor DB, TFD)

   Signal scan is a program developed by Dan S. Prestridge, to facilitate the
analysis of DNA sequences for known eukaryotic signals.  This program is free.
You may copy and distribute this program as freely as you wish, but you may
not charge for its distribution.  This program is copyrighted by Los Alamos
National Laboratory and the University of California.
    The source code is written in the `C' language and is fairly easy to port
over to other hardware and operating systems.  The source code will be made
available upon request.
    The author welcomes comments and suggestions, on the program or additions
to the database.  Please contact:

                Dan S. Prestridge
                Los Alamos National Laboratory
                Group T-10, MS K710
                Los Alamos, NM  87545

                E-mail: DXP%LIFE at LANL.GOV

2. SigSeq

 DNA signal sequence searches  - ftp.bio.indiana.edu (

3.RegSearch                       Search for DNA regulatory sites
	I think this is also at- ftp.bio.indiana.edu (

4. GM (Gene Modeler) searches for ORF's,  regulation sites, and binding sites

If you need any software feel free to contact me.  Or if you have software
I will try to build a complete list of what is available and what platforms
it runs on.


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