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Logan Donaldson logan at otter.biochem.ubc.ca
Mon Dec 14 15:08:10 EST 1992

The program, seqsee, from the U. of Alberta can perform alignments
to the entire protein database or a subset of sequences. It'll also do 
structure prediction, pattern searches ... and more. An excerpt from the
help file is enclosed at the end of this posting.

BTW, thanks* for all the suggestions regarding my request for pc display
software. I have a copy of pdviewer and I'm currently previewing moby.

--Logan Donaldson

* Dan Jacobson          danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu
* Lenny Bloksberg       pressj at clvax.cl.msu.edu
* Adam Godzik           adam at scripps.edu
* Ethan Merritt         merritt at uwashington.edu
* ??                    czj at cu.nih.gov


The programs, databases and libraries contained within SEQSEE have 
been under continuing development since June of 1988 in the labs 
of both Frederic M. Richards of Yale University (New Haven) and 
Brian D. Sykes of the University of Alberta (Edmonton).  The SEQSEE 
project was completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for 
the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for David Wishart (Yale, 1991).  The
principal programmer for SEQSEE has been Robert Boyko with database 
development and general program design being handled by David Wishart.
Funding for this project has been provided in part by Yale University,
the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, 
the Medical Research Council of Canada and by the Protein Engineering
Networks Centre of Excellence (Canada).

The complete SEQSEE suite of programs may be freely used by
individuals in academic institutions wishing to conduct research or 
perform database inquiries provided that suitable acknowledgment of 
both the program and its authors is given.  Neither SEQSEE nor portions
of the program contained within SEQSEE may be altered, incorporated into
other programs or sold for profit by others without express written
consent from the authors.  For further inquiries about SEQSEE 
please contact:

                        David Wishart / Robert Boyko
                        Department of Biochemistry
                        University of Alberta
                        Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
                        T6G 2H7

                        Phone: (403) 492-7797   

                        e-mail: dsw at rigel.biochem.ualberta.ca
                                rbo at sirius.biochem.ualberta.ca


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