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Ethan A Merritt merritt at provolone.bchem.washington.edu
Fri Dec 11 18:28:15 EST 1992

In article <1g8uljINNo1e at iskut.ucs.ubc.ca> logan at otter.biochem.ubc.ca
(Logan Donaldson) writes:
>Greetings! I am looking for an inexpensive (shareware, even better) program
>that will display molecular models in wire-frame, ball'n'stick and space-
>filling representations for the ibm-pc. 
>Something like MacMolecule would be great!

	I was very impressed by a demonstration of Jane Richardson's
Kinemage (sp?) program, currently being distributed as part of what you
receive with a subscription to the journal Protein Science. Diskettes with 
coordinates for relevant proteins come with the journal issue, so it permits 
the reader to view protein structures described in the articles in
more detail and with much more flexibility than would be available using 
printed figures.  The instructions to the authors cover how to generate
Kinemage files from normal PDB coords, so I suppose one could use it as a
viewer totally independent of the journal as well.  I don't know what happens
to Kinemage diskettes belonging to library copies of Portein Science - maybe
you should ask if your library has kept them to check out with the journal?

					Ethan A Merritt
					merritt at u.washington.edu

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