Tyler Jacks and Frameshifting

Sandra Chang retentiv at athena.mit.edu
Mon Dec 7 09:08:40 EST 1992

In article <1fpd0cINNa73 at gap.caltech.edu> robin at cco.caltech.edu (Robert C. Colgrove) writes:
>E85J000 <E85J at UNB.CA> writes:
>>Has anyone out there seen any recent articles from Tyler Jacks since
>>hisoriginal work with ribosomal frameshifting in RSV's gag-poL?  I

>called the gag-pol problem pretty well-. Anyway, he graduated and is
>now a postdoc at the whitehead. He doesn't work on frameshifting anymore
>(has been hard at work on an RB-knockout mouse). We collaborated at the

>hope this helps
>robin colgrove
>fellow in infectious diseases
>harvard medical school
>robin at calypso.bih.harvard.edu

In case someone is trying to track him down, Tyler is now at MIT's
Center for Cancer Research, starting up his own lab there. His focus
is pretty much on knockout mice it seems.

john travis 

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